The most important feature of the bed is the raised reclining and seating area. The standard beds have a height of about 40 to 50 centimeters with mattress. Elderly beds have a height of 40 centimeters without a mattress. Then add a pocket spring mattress, which adapts to the sleeper ideal, the entry into the bed is quite high.

For many seniors, their current bed is too low. Getting up is made more difficult and unpleasant. With a higher bed, you do not have to push yourself “off the cross” when the strength is insufficient or you have knee or back problems, for example. Even going to bed is easier because you can sit at a comfortable height (similar to a chair) and then lie down easily.

Thus, a bed with a seat height of about 60 cm is often titled as a senior citizen bed.

This is not correct, because every box spring bed has such a seat height – and box spring beds can be used at any age.

However, it is important that the bed is not too high and you do not touch the floor when sitting with your feet. Then the entry is cumbersome. It is therefore always necessary to solve a small math problem: run height of the slatted frame + height of the slatted frame + mattress height = seat height.

Electric slatted frame & mattress for seniors: sensible or not?

Having a bed with a motor drive has nothing to do with age. If you like reading in bed or have a TV in the bedroom, is well supplied with a motor frame. Also, by the way, completely independent of age. An electrically adjustable frame is more a piece of luxury.

However, a motor frame in old age has advantages as well. Again, getting up is easier, you can relieve his lumbar spine or optimize the circulation in the legs. This is useful if you have pain when getting up or lying down.

For seniors sometimes special mattresses are offered, for example, extra soft. But that’s nonsense: A mattress should always be based on the needs of people and not on how old you are For more information, please visit