There are people who unlike others suffer very much from the winter season. During the night especially they suffer particularly from the cold and cannot heat up even with heavy duvets. If we have just described your case you have arrived on the right page, finally you too can sleep in warmth throughout the winter season.

The best solution to stay warm during the coldest months of the year is to buy a mattress that is suitable for the season, there are mattresses on the market that have unique characteristics, these allow your body to maintain constant body temperature and to stay warm even during the coldest nights.

On the market today many mattresses are equipped with a double side, the one for the summer season and the one for the winter season. Usually, in the winter side of the mattresses, there is pure virgin wool that keeps our body warm, while the summer side is padded with linen or pure cotton, materials known to be known for their “freshness”.

Keep the mattress clean:

Clearly, if you have a mattress with these characteristics it is important to turn the side depending on the season you are going to face so as to live a better and more relaxed. Furthermore, this, like all mattresses, should be ventilated, put in the sun at least once a month and pass over the vacuum cleaner, all of which serves to combat humidity, bacteria, molds, and mites. Beyond mattresses with a summer side and a winter side, there are mattresses on the market that are more suitable for the winter season than others.

This is the case of the memory foam mattress. The memory mattresses are made with special viscoelastic foam that has exceptional thermal regulating properties. This material helps to maintain the body’s natural warmth by adjusting itself to the temperature of the surrounding environment. This prevents heat from escaping into the air and thus causing cold sensations. Immediately after the memory foam mattress, another material very suitable for particularly low temperatures is latex.

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