Do you want to have a cool night during the summer season?

In the summer season, people always find their mattress very much hot. The reason behind this is the nature of the mattress also it absorption ability of body heat. This may lead to an uncomfortable sleep. People do a lot of things to make their mattress cool using air conditions but got cent percent success. Here some tips to sleep cool during the summer season.

Don’t keep your curtains open

Open curtains are the biggest issue. In the night while sleeping it feels like soothing with open curtains. But when the night turned up in the day the sunlight directly enters the room and became it hot. And if it is touching your face and other body parts you will be started feeling hot. So always keep your curtains shut to avoid the disturbance due to sunlight.

Take shower before bed

Before jumping in the bed you may take a shower. Try to bath yourself with Luke warm water; don’t take shower with cold water. Warm water helps you to sweat less and also it washes your previous sweat and also helps to kill germs off your body which came from the outside world. If you don’t have time as well as energy to take shower then just washes your face and feet with the water before going to bed.

 Choose the right mattress

Mattress plays an important role to make your sleep cool. Choose the mattress according to the season. Most mattresses like cotton mattresses are very much summer friendly. They don’t produce so much heat. You can also go for the hybrid mattresses as per your comfort. For mattress deals, check out Best mattress-brand. They provide amazing discounts on the mattresses for their customers.

Avoid heavy meal at the bedtime

You should stop taking a heavy meal at dinner. They may let you sweat a lot and also keep you hot. You have to stay low and eat low-calorie food so that it will digest early and will not become your bedtime problem. It is also advised to drink as much as water you can to prevent your body to produce heat.

Some basic details about memory foam mattress

From the point of view of the homeowners, buying a mattress can become a very challenging and variable experience which will never allow them to take rest.  It is very much important for you to have proper details about the different types of mattresses available online and offline.  In the same case, you may have heard something about the foam mattresses which are very popular due to their rich features and durability.  Why you should buy a memory foam mattress? To check out the best possible answers to the same question, you will have to go through this same article.

Made from viscoelastic polyurethane, the foam mattress can hold your back whenever you have to choose a very superior quality mattress for your room. The foam mattress is prepared or manufactured from viscoelastic polyurethane which is a very reliable and durable material when you are talking about mattresses.  This can become one of the biggest reasons which will force you to go for the memory foam mattress right now. Read more on to know more about memory foam   mattress.

Memory foam mattress is manufactured for reducing pressure on your body.  Seriously, you have to keep in mind that the memory foam mattress can easily reduce pressure on your body and this allows your body to have a very comfortable sleeping position.  Yes, memory foam mattresses are manufactured for reducing pressure on the body.  If you want to buy a mattress which can reduce pressure from your body then without any doubt in memory foam mattress will come at the top.

The layers of this mattress vary from different layers.  Memory foam mattress and the layers of memory foam mattress usually vary from 6 inches to 2 inches.  This can become a very good reason which allows the buyers to go for the memory foam mattress only.

To reduce back pain, the idea of buying a memory foam mattress can make most out of this same decision.  In recent time, the memory foam mattress is widely known for reducing lower back pain and upper back pain.  You just need to take some time right now before start making any kind of deal.

The various types of mattresses for winter:

There are people who unlike others suffer very much from the winter season. During the night especially they suffer particularly from the cold and cannot heat up even with heavy duvets. If we have just described your case you have arrived on the right page, finally you too can sleep in warmth throughout the winter season.

The best solution to stay warm during the coldest months of the year is to buy a mattress that is suitable for the season, there are mattresses on the market that have unique characteristics, these allow your body to maintain constant body temperature and to stay warm even during the coldest nights.

On the market today many mattresses are equipped with a double side, the one for the summer season and the one for the winter season. Usually, in the winter side of the mattresses, there is pure virgin wool that keeps our body warm, while the summer side is padded with linen or pure cotton, materials known to be known for their “freshness”.

Keep the mattress clean:

Clearly, if you have a mattress with these characteristics it is important to turn the side depending on the season you are going to face so as to live a better and more relaxed. Furthermore, this, like all mattresses, should be ventilated, put in the sun at least once a month and pass over the vacuum cleaner, all of which serves to combat humidity, bacteria, molds, and mites. Beyond mattresses with a summer side and a winter side, there are mattresses on the market that are more suitable for the winter season than others.

This is the case of the memory foam mattress. The memory mattresses are made with special viscoelastic foam that has exceptional thermal regulating properties. This material helps to maintain the body’s natural warmth by adjusting itself to the temperature of the surrounding environment. This prevents heat from escaping into the air and thus causing cold sensations. Immediately after the memory foam mattress, another material very suitable for particularly low temperatures is latex.

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Compressive strength:

The term compression hardness refers to the force that must be expended to compress foam 40 percent of its normal height.

It is expressed in kilopascals (kPa). The methods for determining the compression hardness are determined. The compressive strength is significantly influenced by the structure of the molecular structure of the foam.

It is largely responsible for the degree of hardness of a foam mattress. For high-quality lying comfort in mattresses, for example, cold foam with a foam compression hardness of 50, that is converted at 5 kPa is used.

The mattress size plays no role in the compression hardness; a mattress 140 × 200 has the same compression hardness in the same production in 90 × 200 sizes. In addition to the compressive strength, there is the indentation hardness or compressive resistance in physics, which is measured in Newton (N). To determine the compressive strength, the specimen is compressed by two larger plates or a special tester. For determining the indentation hardness, however, plates smaller than the object to be tested are used.

Room weight and storm hardness:

Volume weight and compressive strength are contrary to many assumptions, not one and the same. The density of the volume describes the density, the amount of material used for mattresses, the compressive strength of mattresses, the force used to compress them. Both components characterize the mattress hardness of foam mattresses. The lower the compression hardness, the softer the foam. Therefore, the compression hardness affects the feeling of lying. However, a foam mattress with high compression is not the same weight and a soft not necessarily easy. The density of a mattress, however, should fit somewhat to the compression value. You can get more information just Visit Bestmattress-brand to read brand reviews.

Baby mattress compression size

Baby mattresses are specially adapted to the ergonomic and health requirements for baby and toddler. The compression hardness is not yet a strong criterion for the mattress purchase, because the baby has a low body weight and therefore exerts only minor pressure on the mattress. With a baby mattress, therefore, a lower compressive strength and a lower volume weight are already sufficient to ensure the necessary strength and a comfortable feeling of lying at the same time.

Why is senior bed higher?

The most important feature of the bed is the raised reclining and seating area. The standard beds have a height of about 40 to 50 centimeters with mattress. Elderly beds have a height of 40 centimeters without a mattress. Then add a pocket spring mattress, which adapts to the sleeper ideal, the entry into the bed is quite high.

For many seniors, their current bed is too low. Getting up is made more difficult and unpleasant. With a higher bed, you do not have to push yourself “off the cross” when the strength is insufficient or you have knee or back problems, for example. Even going to bed is easier because you can sit at a comfortable height (similar to a chair) and then lie down easily.

Thus, a bed with a seat height of about 60 cm is often titled as a senior citizen bed.

This is not correct, because every box spring bed has such a seat height – and box spring beds can be used at any age.

However, it is important that the bed is not too high and you do not touch the floor when sitting with your feet. Then the entry is cumbersome. It is therefore always necessary to solve a small math problem: run height of the slatted frame + height of the slatted frame + mattress height = seat height.

Electric slatted frame & mattress for seniors: sensible or not?

Having a bed with a motor drive has nothing to do with age. If you like reading in bed or have a TV in the bedroom, is well supplied with a motor frame. Also, by the way, completely independent of age. An electrically adjustable frame is more a piece of luxury.

However, a motor frame in old age has advantages as well. Again, getting up is easier, you can relieve his lumbar spine or optimize the circulation in the legs. This is useful if you have pain when getting up or lying down.

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